1. Iowa Music Buzz Podcast: 319Dude

  2. Rednecks Under the Moonlight
    The Huns

  3. Fidgit Noise
    Fidgit Noise

  4. Early Demos
    William Elliot Whitmore

  5. Mold

  6. Smell My Mother Naked
    Possum Sac

  7. Live at Amelia's 2/15/1986
    Stiff Legged Sheep

  8. Jonestown 4
    Jonestown 4

  9. Basement Demo 1984
    149 Dead Marines

  10. Enough
    the Vida Blue

  11. The Abortions / The Stereotypes - Split Tape
    The Abortions / The Stereotypes

  12. Final Recording
    Stiff Legged Sheep

  13. Highway to Hills
    Soviet Dissonance

  14. Obedience is Suicide
    The Pestilents

  15. Stickdog

  16. Human

  17. Live 1988
    Annihilation Association

  18. The Toy Machines
    The Toy Machines

  19. La Sangre Esta Sabre Tus Manos

  20. Tender & Juicy
    Beef Wellington

  21. Meskwaki Bingo
    Meskwaki Bingo

  22. The Robot Sponsored
    Stiff Legged Sheep

  23. Gun Shot Body Count
    149 Dead Marines

  24. The Goon Squad
    The Goon Squad

  25. The Problems
    The Problems

  26. Savage Little Suckers
    Savage Little Suckers

  27. Bend Over, Here Cums...
    Red Throb

  28. Sound! From Louder Space
    TA Gray Moist

  29. Screaming Queens and Chicken Wings
    Mister Clean

  30. Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse
    Mr. Blanding's Dreamhouse

  31. Live at Sal's Music Emporium 4-30-99
    Now or Never

  32. Ninety-Nine Aprils
    Mr Blanding's Dreamhouse

  33. Fucking Amazing King Sin
    King Sin

  34. Nitro Ground Shakers
    Nitro Ground Shakers

  35. Brazil rehearsal 4-22-99

  36. Four Songs
    Sharing Mass Graves

  37. Shooting Down The Christ Myth
    Fork Knife Spoon

  38. USAUSA

  39. Swing by Seven Demo
    Swing by Seven

  40. Woodchip Soul
    the Roughhousers

  41. Diving for Ibis
    Diving for Ibis

  42. Demo (Hate Machine)
    Hate Machine

  43. Music Table

  44. Meth and Goats tour demo
    Meth and Goats

  45. Meth and Goats demo
    Meth and Goats

  46. Meth and Goats miniCD demo
    Meth and Goats

  47. dB Angels
    dB Angels

  48. Wheel & The Fence
    Wheel and the Fence

  49. Live from the Slums of CR
    the Pee Pees

  50. Live at Gabe's 2/26/2003
    The Bends

  51. Live at Gabes 04/30/2003
    The Bends

  52. What Was Left
    Brian Jones

  53. Country Doctor 7"
    Liberty Leg

  54. Four Elements
    Safety Second

  55. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
    Creep Lo

  56. After This, Because of This
    Brian Jones

  57. Future Home of Countryland
    Island Women

  58. Another Product

  59. Cedar Rapids $ellouts
    Sadistic Kids / Epileptic Cheetah

  60. Travelogue

  61. Wheel and the Fence
    Wheel and the Fence

  62. Seriously
    Brian Jones

  63. Everything Right Now
    North to Alaska

  64. Suspended in Stone

  65. the Pee Pees / the Horrors split 7"
    the Pee Pees

  66. The Horrors / the Pee Pees split 7"
    the Horrors

  67. Better Than Music
    the Brown Note

  68. the Blood and Bones Foundation
    Fjords of Thunder

  69. Live 2008
    Furious Jebediah

  70. Event. Reset.
    North to Alaska

  71. Severance

  72. Demo 2002
    Backdoor Betty

  73. Seas of Miranda
    Seas of Miranda

  74. Demo
    Wheel and the Fence

  75. Demo 1998
    the Vida Blue

  76. the Vida Blue - Patent #4,237,876
    the Vida Blue

  77. PU @ Evergreen

  78. Kita - demo

  79. Demo 1998
    Only Ten Between Us

  80. You Make me Cum in my Pants
    Los Marauders

  81. Turned Earth

  82. Burmese is Dead

  83. Bridges Worth Rebuilding
    Emerge Again

  84. Eclipse of Eden
    Eclipse of Eden

  85. Curiosity Killed your Friends
    Sadistic Kids

  86. Demo

  87. Putting Theory Into Practice
    North to Alaska

  88. GTOF
    Epileptic Cheetah

  89. How we Do it in Ghetto Land
    the Pee Pees

  90. the Occasions
    the Occasions

  91. A Light in the Fire
    the Anchoress

  92. Pain of Being demo + more

  93. The Obsolete Andrew Joseph Caffrey
    The Obsolete Andrew Joseph Caffrey

  94. Delvis Demos (Before HenryEtta or Cruella and Dekills)

  95. Swing by Seven
    Swing by Seven

  96. Calligraphy in Blood

  97. Live at Gabes 07-09-03
    The Bends

  98. Live at Gabes 5-22-04
    Genital Hercules

  99. Live at Gabe's 02-13-03
    Ten Grand

  100. In Still Motion
    Seas of Miranda

  101. Two Covers and one that Isnt

  102. Nicholas Prince Of Darkness Metal Guitar God News Anchormen Cult Leader
    Girls of Camanche

  103. Live at Che Cafe
    Ten Grand

  104. Live at the internet 2000
    Furious Jebediah

  105. Clumsy Morning Noises
    Kyle Numann

  106. Ukulalia
    Kyle Numann

  107. Love Lost her Job Today

  108. Put your Dick in a Toaster
    Ben Tipton & the Sonic Smash

  109. Fecal Abominations of Apocalyptic Assmilk
    Cannibal Horse

  110. Live at 1109
    The Pee Pees / Wheel and the Fence

  111. Nth Fen (instrumental demo)

  112. Alpha Demo

  113. Sirens & Sailors

  114. s/t
    The Organ

  115. A Day In The Air #13
    A Day In The Air (ADITA)

  116. A Day In The Air #10
    A Day In The Air (ADITA)

  117. Know We Are...
    Only Ten Between Us

  118. Smell My Mother Naked
    Possum Sac

  119. Live from Anamosa Women's Prison
    Los Marauders

  120. Music Table

  121. A Night at Blackwell's Island


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